Dante Labs is a genetic testing laboratory dedicated to helping people find and understand their past and present biology. They have comprehensive lab services, no matter who you are or what you’re looking for. They also offer insights into health, life, and risk for hereditary diseases, a common cause for concern for those who want to know more about their genetics.

Dante Labs was founded in 2016 by two Italians. One of their first projects was genome sequencing (WGS) and interpretation for a family with a rare genetic disorder. This led them to further projects involving WGS for other families and individuals to understand their genetics and health better.

Dante Labs provides health and ancestry DNA testing, allowing individuals to know their genes and understand how they could impact their health. This is important because it will enable individuals to act on the information they are given and may give them ways of protecting themselves against any illnesses that may arise.

Dante-Labs have professional staff who are highly knowledgeable about genetics and can explain the process and risks involved with testing and the possibilities of what they may reveal. They also have the latest tech to show clients the actual breakpoints of chromosomes, where genetics are inherited. They can perform any test that is available for such a company, though they have certain restrictions depending on the test.

Individuals interested in DNA testing from Dante-Labs can send off their samples via mail and wait up to two weeks for the results to come back. Samples are usually mailed out within 48 hours of receiving them, though this is not guaranteed.

In addition to DNA testing, Dante Labs likes to give back to the community and educate those looking. They offer free health coaching and counseling for those who want help with several areas, especially their health or genetics. Their services also include teaching sessions about how to interpret DNA results.

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