Happy Joe’s Gourmet Pizza & Ice Cream

Happy Joe’s offers a variety of items such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have fresh ingredients and create new recipes weekly!


Happy Joe’s American Pizza Parlor specializes in breakfast foods like oatmeal bowls, eggs made to order, pancakes with a variety of toppings, and more. But they also offer lunch and dinner options like sandwiches and salads with your choice of protein. Happy Joe’s has all the fixings you need for a fantastic sandwich or salad, including different types of cheese, tomatoes, olives, and cucumbers, for a customized experience!


Happy Joe’s is a unique restaurant with a great environment and an exceptional dining experience with friendly staff that makes you feel welcome. The staff is always willing to help and will try to accommodate your requests. Happy Joe’s has four locations in the Seattle area and is looking to grow however it can. Therefore, if you or anyone you know would like a job as a cashier or cook, the staff will be happy to consider you.


Happy Joe’s is conveniently located, so you can walk in, enjoy the food, and leave right after. They are easy to find in Pacific Place, Bellevue Square, and University Village Shopping Center in Seattle. They are also around and have an interesting selection of food that you won’t forget (Twitter)!


Happy Joe’s falls under the category of ‘non-chain’ restaurants. This means that the American Pizza Parlor has a limited number of locations and are not nationalized. The chain restaurants are much bigger in comparison, but Happy Joe’s has the same items and services that would be expected from a non-chain restaurant.

The type of food at Happy Joe’s is a lot of their focus. They want to offer the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner options in the area, and they do so with pride! Happy Joe’s has a variety of items to appeal to many different clients, including different types of food and the ability to customize it to your liking!