Hughes Marino is a successful lease auditing management company in the United States, with offices in Arizona and California. We help clients take control of their properties while we manage them to get the most out of them. We are a team with decades of experience and an expert understanding of both markets in Arizona and California. 


We will work on your behalf to find buyers for your property, negotiate the best sale price, renovate or manage your property, so it is occupied continuously, oversee rental rates and maintain a healthy reserve fund balance. Our goal at Hughes Marino is to make our clients happy by increasing their net worth or cash flow potential by investing time into their properties.


This, while automatically generating revenue from that investment at the representation firm. Our team uses a proven process that includes all the necessary components you need to become an effective landlord. At Hughes Marino, we will help you find qualified tenants and ensure your property is in top condition. We have experience catering to everyone’s needs while all the time is keeping our clients happy, which is why they return regularly.


With our attention to detail, experience, and expert knowledge of the local markets in Arizona and California, we are focused on providing innovative solutions to complex problems by using our business acumen built up over decades of industry experience. At Hughes Marino, we have been able to provide a quality of service that has made us one of the most respected companies in the United States.

We are professionals who take great pride in their work and will go above and beyond your expectations. At Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm, we have a strong team who are experts at what they do, as well as a team full of friendly people that strive to be masters at what they do.