Meet Vik Bansal, Who Transformed and Advanced the Waste Management Sector

Cleanway, a waste management company formerly known as Transpacific, was on the verge of despair, facing a debt burden of almost $2.1 billion. Today the company boasts a market capitalization of $5 billion, thanks to Vik Bansal InfraBuild.

Vik Bansal Role

Vik Bansal has been the CEO and managing director of Cleanway since 2015. The success of the company and not going under is attributed to him. His primary strategy was to change the perception of how the country and the company viewed waste as a problem to viewing it as a resource that creates value. In fact, his motto was “good to great .”He developed an operating model, which was a foundation that would allow for later improvement. He was honest with employees that their expenses must be reduced for the company to regain its feet.

How he rebranded the company

Once he had developed the operating model, it was evident the company was not gaining while operating as a multi-brand business; he consulted with stakeholders and decided to focus on Cleanway as it was the strongest brand. He created “Our Cleanway Way” strategy, which aligned every employee toward their role and responsibility. As of 2017, the Vik Bansal move had begun to attract investors.

One of his biggest accomplishments in the waste industry was creating Footprint 2025. Australia, being one of the largest waste producers, he developed a strategy that would drive a circular economy in the country. This strategy would be used as a roadmap to ensure Australia has the proper infrastructure to manage waste and is ready to face anticipated challenges in the waste management sector. The strategy was environmental and economically friendly.

Vik Bansal Bio

Vik Bansal boasts more than two decades of experience in corporate leadership. He the CEO of InfraBuild, an integrated steel manufacturing and recycling company. He joined the company in 2021, intending to make it the best sustainable lead manufacturer in the industry. The company has then experienced an increase in revenue by 41%, EBITDA of 109%, and EBIT of 191%.

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