Ron Gutman is a leading voice in health and wellness in the workplace. He has long experience focusing on encouraging innovative thinking about the connection between physical, mental, and emotional well-being. A former executive at GE and Microsoft, Ron is often quoted in the business press. He has appeared on NBC, CNN, and CNBC. He has been featured as a thought leader in workplace wellness amid some of the most significant healthcare and social issues of our time: 


Obesity, mental health disorders, and stress. Ron Gutman has served as CEO of Sky Zone, a leading national trampoline and fitness facility company, the National Health Foundation.


In addition, he has been Chairman of the Institute for Workplace Excellence. Business expert Ron Gutman has served on the Board of the American Heart Association and 1stAveMachine. He is also a member of The Network, a group devoted to “connecting people with ideas.” Ron is an expert in employee engagement, corporate health and wellness strategy, workplace productivity optimization, and organizational performance. 


Currently, he is working on an innovative approach to the corporate health and wellness space that addresses the correlation between employee well-being and corporate performance. Healthcare and business expert Ron Gutman travels nationwide to speak with companies, associations, and other organizations about leading transformational change through wellness. 

His work is featured in the “Wall Street Journal,” “Fortune,” “Fast Company,” “Forbes” and other outlets. The business and serial entrepreneur began his career as a geophysicist with Mobil Oil in New York City. While there, Ron Gutman headed a project to develop mathematical algorithms for detecting oil with colleagues who would also be named Nobel laureates, including Professor Willard S. Boyle, who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009.