Some people call them “Generation Z” or “post-Millennials,” but a new generation of young people is making waves across the world, and they’re not afraid to stand out. Yubo is one of the most popular apps for these teens, and it’s been transforming their lives for the better. The app helps them find friends nearby or around the world, share ideas, and even go live on camera in real time — it’s like Snapchat without filters! We’ll tell you all about this new phenomenon of Gen Z values. Yubo is the #1 app in 11 countries, and Yubo has been called: “Snapchat but for teens.”

And now it’s entering the U.S. market after announcing a $50 million Series B round of funding from Sequoia, DST Global, and others. The social network is available for iOS and Android in more than 26 languages, with over three million registered users. Girls spend most of their time on Yubo, with boys following at a far lower rate. Unfortunately, that’s where they’re leaving all too quickly! Nearly 60% of teen girls have uninstalled It after just one day, and almost 40% of male teen users stop using the app within two weeks.

Why this matters:

Many of the reasons these teens reject it are very well-known in marketing. They’re not on-brand, don’t understand the platform, and feel uncomfortable using it. They need brand-relevant content to help them have a better experience. And beyond the problem of engagement, there’s also the problem of retention. To get teens on board, marketers need to understand their culture and show them how to be more confident using apps like Yubo. Combine that with innovative UX design, and advertisers will be able to capture this generation of teens’ attention . . . in a way that they can’t miss, ignore, or uninstall.

The app was started in China by four 17-year-olds who dreamed up the idea while watching their friends fail to connect at school or around town.

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