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Aida Morales was born and raised in Chicago. She is a Costa Rican born and raised artist. The work she creates is inspired by art history and the world around her, but with a uniquely Chicana perspective on life. Her work has been shown at galleries such as the Josephine O’Neill Art Gallery, Kingsbury Gallery, and Third Coast Collectors Gallery for many years.

Aida also does commissioned portraits of important people in history. Aida studied art and business at Columbia College Chicago. She also studied abroad in Florence Italy and received her master’s degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Her style is based on realism, but mixed with a touch of a surrealism. Her works are mainly portraits, still-life, self-portraits, and paintings of the female form. In her work she tries to capture what life is like when it is underappreciated by our society and how much hope there really is in it.

Also, there is a philosophy behind her work. In 2010 the women of Costa Rica rose up and took back their country. It inspired Aida to create “My Costa Rican Women”. In this series she portrayed beautiful and powerful women who are still alive today such as Zenaida Gomez, and Malvina Rodriguez. With a very clear message of hope, she gives strength to the people that helped bring about a new future for their country.Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Her work is inspired by art history and the world around her, but with a uniquely Chicana perspective on life.

“The relationship between Aida Morales and her family is an artistically fertile one. Her father, Raul Morales, who passed away in February 2012, was a community activist and an enthusiastic supporter of his daughter’s artistic endeavors. Her mother, Francisca Porras Candelaria, is an accomplished ceramist who also creates artwork inspired by her family. Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

In the fall of 2012 Aida Morales moved from Chicago to New York City. She has been in New York ever since. Aida has taken part in many events throughout her time in New York including many shows both solo and with other artists. The arts have played an integral role in her life, and she is continuing this with her work that is currently being displayed by the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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