Greg Aziz Leads a Railroad Manufacturing Giant

Greg Aziz is the owner of North America’s largest food distribution company. Based in Texas, he owns and produces a dizzying array of goods worldwide for a wide range of customers. His company is one of the top two distributors to McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, who rely on him to produce some 57 percent of their apple pies and sweetened iced tea, respectively. Greg Aziz is worth an estimated $425 million, and it all started with a small potato chip factory in Montreal.


Early Life

Greg Aziz was born in Beirut, Lebanon, to Maronite Catholic parents. It was a time of great upheaval in the country as the Lebanese Civil War raged on between various factions of Muslim and Christian groups. Growing up in this environment, he had no formal education and learned about business from his father. He left for Canada at just 16 years old to escape the violence.


Greg Aziz at TrainCentric Company

Career Beginnings

Before founding the great railroad manufacturing giant, he had huge experience gaining professional experience. Greg Aziz´s  first job in Canada was at a small convenience store in Montreal. 


Greg Aziz worked at this job for ten years, and it was here that he learned about supply chain management.  In 1976 he landed a job moving potato chips to convenience stores for a company called Lowney’s, which had started as a small potato chip factory in the city. By the time he was heading up the distribution of this product, Lowney’s had grown into a national food distribution company.


Loyalty and Growth

In 1985, Greg Aziz bought out his employer for $2.5 million. Lowney’s became an independent entity once again, though it retained its name and most of the staff.