Ross Levinsohn Leading By Example

Ross LevinsohnSports Illustrated Media Group has been developing its technology by hiring experts from the industry so that it can meet the need of its customers. Under his leadership, Arena Group Technologies has been launched to develop other products that will benefit its clients. He wants them to become more innovative because they have diverse interests and therefore have many opportunities for start-up companies for their customers.

He did this by expanding into other media companies’ networks and regional sports television stations. By doing this, he dramatically increased Fox Sports’ subscriber base. Ross is widely connected with notable sports figures from both professional and collegiate levels. He has played a prominent role in the media industry by handling significant investments for top companies in media, gaming, digital media, etc.

When Ross landed the CEO position at The Arena Group, the online site struggled to find its place in the new gaming and social media space. Since he took over, the site has enjoyed an increase in sales almost four-fold.

Every company Sports Illustrated has worked with has experienced significant growth.

Due to his extensive knowledge and expertise, he was able to turn around struggling companies and make them successful. His company is also one of the most innovative in technology by introducing new products specifically developed for its clients.

He has been instrumental in launching the Web sites used by the network broadcasters. Sports Illustrated CEO graduated from American University with an honorary Bachelor of Arts in Communication. While at the university, he also served on the board of trustees committee. His education and experience give him the expertise deserves to be the CEO of his work. Of his love for revolutionizing the industry, he takes part in supporting numerous organizations as a sponsor and as well as strategist.

The Arena Group has been very versatile in the technology sector. They have kept their customers happy by ensuring they produce relevant products and services they need.

He is a guru at taking care of the needs of his clients before anything else. This is because he understands that it is necessary to learn from mistakes and make changes if necessary.

Sports Illustrated CEO gives back to society through mentorship his leadership style makes him a good mentor.

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