Akeem Jamal

Akeem Jamal was recently appointed Assistant Vice President of Communications and Government Affairs for the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). With an impressive local governance and communications background, Jamal brings a wealth of experience to his new role. His appointment reflects RIOC’s commitment to elevating Roosevelt Island’s public profile and safeguarding the quality of life for its residents.

Having previously served as the City of Yonkers’ Deputy Communications Director, Jamal is well-versed in navigating governmental processes and building strategic partnerships. He aims to work alongside a dynamic team to increase tourism and propel Roosevelt Island onto the national stage. Jamal’s transformative ideas align with the vision of Roosevelt Island’s President and CEO, Shelton J. Haynes. Haynes believes the island will become a hidden gem eagerly sought by visitors from near and far under Jamal’s leadership.

Jamal’s track record speaks for itself. During his time with the City of Yonkers, he played a vital role in the city’s growth, spearheading successful awareness campaigns and facilitating economic development. His contribution resulted in Yonkers becoming the third-largest city in New York. Furthermore, Jamal actively supported community initiatives, including increasing participation in the 2020 census and advocating for the protection of the Hudson River through the Ban the Barges campaign.

Now, Jamal aims to bring his expertise and dedication to Roosevelt Island. He intends to replicate his past successes while maintaining the island’s charm and appeal to residents and tourists. Within a short time of assuming his new role, Jamal has already demonstrated his commitment and expertise, impressing Gretchen Robinson, the Vice President and General Counsel of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation.

New York State established Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) 1984 as a public benefit corporation responsible for the island’s planning, development, operation, and maintenance. RIOC’s mission is to enhance the island’s residential community while prioritizing environmentally friendly practices. This includes maintaining and improving the island’s infrastructure, parks, public transportation, and iconic aerial tramway, which has become a must-visit attraction for tourists exploring New York City.

With Akeem Jamal’s appointment, Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation aims to achieve its growth and preservation goals. Jamal’s extensive experience and strategic vision will undoubtedly contribute to Roosevelt Island’s success as a thriving destination. As he collaborates with the dedicated team at RIOC, the island’s public profile will continue to flourish, attracting visitors worldwide.


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