Daniel Shin is one of the most celebrated business executives in Asia. Shin is mostly recognized because of his contributions to the payment and e-commerce industries. People-based in Asia can shop online and have an incredible time because of the innovative ideas introduced by Shin. The talented serial entrepreneur is the founder of several successful businesses too.

Most of his businesses have played a role in revolutionizing the international marketplace. Daniel Shin believes that partnering with the leading companies in the e-commerce industry and developing the best payment system is the perfect way to survive the harsh market. There are three major institutions launched, conceptualized, and developed by Daniel Shin. The platforms have achieved milestones already, proving that Shin has a lot of knowledge in financial technology.

PortOne Global

Although Daniel has numerous businesses under his name, PortOne Global is among the most successful and popular. The platform provides businesses with a fully managed payment product. The company is based in Singapore and has changed the lives of many merchants. Many individuals prefer to use the services offered by PortOne Global because they get access to payment optimization consultation, integrated payment API, and amazing data reconciliation services. The facility ensures that merchants can process cross-border payments without challenges too. Once a business partners with PortOne Global, they get a payment infrastructure that supports all processes from integration to the billing stage. When creating the platform, Daniel Shin wanted to simplify the complex processes involved in connecting, managing, and deploying several payment options in the business. PortOne Global has ensured that Asian merchants access more than one hundred payment options.

Apart from making the e-commerce industry in Asia better, Daniel has partnered with numerous nonprofits to give back to the community. Shin has helped to fund many startups in the country too. Many investors have received mentorship from serial entrepreneurs too.

Learn more about Daniel Shin: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/daniel-shin

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