Greg Aziz and the state of stock affairs in August

Greg Aziz is a former mechanical engineer. He currently does his own work in real estate and day trades in his spare time. He is thought about as an accomplished individual and a top engineer. When it comes to trading, the month of August was rough from Wall Street. 


Stocks were noticeably down and saw an increase in meme stocks. Hedge-fund bets did perform well though as Greg Aziz informs. Bonds and securities were significantly down as money managers sold and lost gains. Currency bets overall did not perform well as well. 

Business Leader Greg Aziz

Even bets on tech stocks did not do so well despite the new craze over AI and other advancements, Greg Aziz recalls. Placing a bet on safer regular well-known stocks tended to do better but were still down in their own right. Cryptocurrencies are still equally taking a hit with an over 30% decrease in the month of August. 

The carry trade remained strong during the month. Bond managers did better than others during the month but still were at some losses. They used their own strategy known as the arbitrate strategy but still suffered some form of losses. Greg Aziz finally states that hedge funds that did better were able to do so by selling their expensive peers.