Greg Aziz on his house and experience at Caledon

There has been a lack of homes in today’s real estate market. Not only this, mortgage rates and house prices are also at record highs as real estate agent Greg Aziz from House Caledon explains. There simply has not been enough built to keep up with the demand. Rising interest rates and overall inflation has caused the prices of homes to increase. 


Many are still wanting to buy a house. A lack of construction workers and supply shortages have also made people’s jobs more difficult, Greg Aziz adds. Some argue the government will have to step in to help in regard to real estate issues by creating new laws. People believe home values and interest rates will continue to go up but possibly cool down in the distant future. 


The rise in oil and gas prices continues to determine inflation is here to stay. The country wants to avoid a recession in the future and do all it can to quell this possibility. According to Greg Aziz from House Caledon, more construction will be needed in order to keep up with housing availability. 

Real Estate Industry Expert Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz is an individual who is interested in the real estate market and the news surrounding it. He is a retired mechanical engineer and now works as a trader. The real estate and investment agent is originally from Ontario, Canada and worked at Caledon. 


Leader Aziz realized he was naturally good at trading and stuck to it. The experienced businessman up to now is a proud homeowner and likes to do things such as home improvement. The individual has been critiqued for his unique perspective and skillset; Greg Aziz from House Caledon currently spends his time trading, spending time with his family, and taking on home improvement projects.